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    Meiji Jingū

    A forest in the middle of the city. A temple hidden in the forest. That is the magic of Meiji Jingū. Hidden in plain sight, and surrounded by the haste and the noises of the metropolis, this place is a source of peace and silence.

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    Togo Shrine

    Tōgō shrine is located really close to the usually crowded Takeshita street. If I have to cross from Harajuku station to Meiji street I prefer to take a detour and enjoy a few minutes of peace walking across this shrine. And of course take a couple of pictures.

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    Originally designed to lead visitors to Meiji Jingū, today's Omotesandō is a mixture of extravagant buildings, expensive shops and long lines of people waiting to get inside in some of the trendiest restaurants in Tokyo. A nice place to visit either if you want to do some shopping or just spend some time delighting a cappuccino.

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    Meiji Dori

    Meiji Dori is a huge avenue that connects several of the main neighborhoods of Tokyo. You might think that is not really interesting to walk across a street filled with cars and stores, and I would agree. Still I find the alleys and secondary streets along Meiji Dori really interesting and worth visiting

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    Around Harajuku Station

    Harajuku is the place to see and be seen. Whether you want to hunt for the latest fashion trends or going for a coffee to a fancy restaurant, walking around Harajuku station never disappoints.

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    Yoyogi Park

    Yoyogi park is a huge park located close to Harajuku station. Usually quite busy on weekends this park can become a showcase of different people practicing all kinds of activities. From jugglers, to live performances, is definitely fun to browse. But if you are looking for a quiet place, Yoyogi park is big enough to enclose several hidden and beautiful places.