• 33627873783 7d0837bc69 z

    Kiyosumi Gardens

    This classic Japanese style garden is filled with water-worn stones of interesting shapes and colors, turtles and Koi fishes. A beautiful place if you are looking for a not so crowded garden to relax

  • 33479991050 b6a48967ee z

    Kenzawa Green Road

    If you want to enjoy the beautiful of blooming cherry blossoms, but you want to avoid crowded places, Kenzawa Green Road might be the place you are looking for.

  • 29752822395 ca174a600a z

    Around Tsukiji Station

    Tsujiki is much more than the Fish market. There are lots of interesting spots worth the visit around here. Specially after sunset

  • 29640977332 399158e16e z

    Tsukiji Fish Market

    Personally, I would not recommend visiting any fish market in the morning unless you are really into fish, but somehow getting up early and visiting Tukiji's fish market in the morning is some sort of a trend among tourists. For me is better to walk around there when things are a little bit more calm and you get to enjoy walking around Tokyo's most popular fish market.

  • 26531803355 993331534d z

    Around Ginza Station

    Ginza is full luxury, gluttony and lust. But if you are not in those luxury stores, or expensive restaurants, there are still places to enjoy around here.

  • 23228614549 8c6298bdf4 z

    Inokashira Park

    Gifted by the Emperor to the people in 1918, Inokashira park is a great place for picnics and relaxing whether riding one of it's famous swan boats, or just walking around.

  • 33660817050 38791cf032 z

    Yoyogi Park

    Yoyogi park is a huge park located close to Harajuku station. Usually quite busy on weekends this park can become a showcase of different people practicing all kinds of activities. From jugglers, to live performances, is definitely fun to browse. But if you are looking for a quiet place, Yoyogi park is big enough to enclose several hidden and beautiful places.

  • 21762314598 52dab6147e z

    Koishikawa Kōrakuen

    One of the biggest Japanese styled gardens in Tokyo, Koishikawa Kōrakuen is one of my favorite places, especially when Autumn comes and the leaves turn red. But definitely walking around here is beautiful.

  • 21051293092 4fdf648730 z

    Imperial Palace

    I used to say that there is not much to see around here since most of the palace is not open to the public. But east gardens are an exception.

  • 14950797200 13b6ff369b z

    Around Gotokuji Station

    Gotokuji is a beautiful residential neighborhood located within Setagaya ward. Famous for holding one of the many Maneki Neko (lucky cat) temples, is a great place to explore. There are lots of great restaurants, temples and stores around that are worth the visit.

  • 8564122663 6d8fd34016 z

    Hamarikyu Gardens

    Located at the mouth of Sumida river Hamarikyu Gardens is a beautiful park filled with different Japanese landscaped gardens. Also, if you feel like it, you can participate in a tea-ceremony at the tea house located in the middle pond.

  • 14718236245 6be805762d z

    Around Shinagawa Station

    Shinagawa station is one of the biggest train hubs in Tokyo, but if you ask me, I prefer to step out of the station itself and wander around the area. There are lots of interesting spots close enough that are worth the visit.

  • 16475637361 ca28544b36 z

    Todoroki Ravine Park

    Todoroki is another example of how bast Setagaya can be. Very close to the river Tama this little station is an excellent starting point for a long walk along the river.

  • 33234272473 03fb2272ec z

    Kitanomaru Park

    Close to the Emperor Palace, this little park was once part of Edo Castle. There are some gates and moats as a reminiscence of older times. Specially beautiful to visit during the Fall season, Kitanomaru park is a great place to spend some hours under the sun, visiting some museums or watching some martial arts at the Nippon Buddokan

  • 8527201995 4a0fe934ca z

    Ikegami Honmon-ji

    There is so much history condensed in this little place that is hard to digest. But even if you don't have the slightest interest in Buddhism, Honmon-ji worth the visit. Walking around this beautiful and quiet temple, maybe during the sun set, and become friends with some of the cats that usually frequent the place is a unique experience.

  • 15365893509 29c41e9757 z

    Edo Open Air Architectural Museum

    If you are looking for a place to spend a Sunday afternoon in Tokyo this might be the right place to visit. Located inside the Koganei park, this museum holds lots of historic Japanese buildings and the best part is that you can actually walk in!

  • 14876189698 2492a1daf6 z

    Tokyo Midtown

    Filled with galleries, malls and expensive restaurants Tokyo Midtown is one of the fanciest places in the city. Is always nice to go there for lunch or for a cup of coffee, but I specially go there in the Spring season. Sakura trees are beautiful around there.

  • 22657308217 4646b8def0 z


    Yoyogi Hachimangu, also known as Fukusensji, is a little and beautiful temple located close to Yoyogi Hachiman station. It is worth the visit, especially during its summer festival, when this usually quiet place is bursting with people and smiles are all around.

  • 15234107685 3b4ae24863 z

    Shibuya Hikawa Shrine

    This little shrine is an example of how fascinating Tokyo can be. I was walking around Takeshita Dori and I saw a lot of people dressing with yukata. There was a festival going on there. And when I came close I was delightfully surprised to see what I found.

  • 16058830393 99539373af z

    Setagaya Kannon

    Hidden in plain sight and surrounded by apartment buildings and small houses, Setagaya Kannon is a beautiful spot for making a pause, take a walk around its gardens and try to feel the energy emanating from this place

  • 14525687898 98c5076d0b z

    Sengaku-ji and the 47 ronin tombs

    Considered as a national legend, the 47 Ronin story is all about honor, duty and all that the Bushido stands for. Sengaku-ji is a small temple in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. Easy to miss if you don't know what are you looking for and really beautiful to visit.

  • 14372031418 b1c76e5d47 z

    Around Harajuku Station

    Harajuku is the place to see and be seen. Whether you want to hunt for the latest fashion trends or going for a coffee to a fancy restaurant, walking around Harajuku station never disappoints.

  • 7864369334 14bfd9cf24 z

    Kōenji Awa Odori

    One of the biggest festivals for the summer in Tokyo, Kōenji Awa Odori is spectacular, with thousands of dancers, musicians and smiles everywhere.

  • 22592307276 81bb2000ff z

    Small Kyoto In Kagurazaka

    Kagurazaka is famous by its numerous and fashionable restaurants and cafes. But if you are looking for something more authentic, Kagurazaka is full of small alleys filled with Edo reminiscences. Even if you are lucky you can catch some of the few geishas living in the capital.

  • 30652175535 6781cea89d z

    Akihabara Electric Town

    One of the biggest shopping centers for electronics goods, Manga, Anime and all kind of fetish paraphernalia, Akihabara is a place to walk with your eyes wide open and enjoy the show that is almost constantly going on. A great place to forget reality for a while and enjoy all kinds of entertainment. Whether you decide to spend your coins in a retro arcade or in a Maid cafe is your choice.

  • 15638726473 82faf0822a z


    This quiet and beautiful residential district in Tokyo runs along the Meguro river and is full of great restaurants and small shops where you can find almost everything. Is a great place to have dinner or just go for a walk and enjoy the atmosphere.

  • 13298706974 a479382ee7 z

    Kameido Tenjin Shrine

    This little shrine is known for being the best place to see wisterias around Tokyo. The reflection of these purple flowers over a small and quiet pond is breathtaking. Also is open 24/7 so if you feel like going for a little walk this little shrine might be what you are looking for.

  • 13298330995 5ae346a19a z

    Around Kameido Station

    Sometimes feels good to leave behind those skyscrapers, all those neon-filled sings, and just get lost discover the old Tokyo. If you are looking for some streets with some old Edo flavor, you might find in Kameido the right place to walk around. Having dinner and some drinks in a small Izakaya and then go for a walk around might result an interesting experience. After all this is Shitamachi.

  • 26020211024 21481db6a2 z


    This building seems to have quite bad luck. It has been built, destroyed and rebuilt several times through the history. Current version (who knows how long will last) is a very interesting mixture of traditional and modern Japanese architecture. I like the illumination of the main facade, especially on rainy days where you can see the lights reflecting in the rain.

  • 11980927163 124702f811 z

    Around Tokyo Station

    Tokyo Station is not only one of the biggest (and busiest) train stations in Japan, but also an historical landmark. Is a reminiscence of that "westernized Tokyo" that was destroyed on WWII. The facade made of bricks has survived through the time, and after a long restoration process is again ready to greet all the visitors who might want to spend some time reading a book in one of the many great coffee shops around the area.

  • 29640975072 b2538f361d z

    Nakagin Capsule Tower

    Designed by the architect Kisho Kurokawa this building is one of the few remaining examples of the Japanese Metabolism movement. Surrounded by an elevated highway and several buildings is easy to miss this particular tower with resemblances to something came out of a science fiction book

  • 8706608571 4f58c72422 z

    Akasaka Hikawa Shrine

    Hikawa shrine is a really old one. Is one of the few shrines that survived the WWII bombing, so what you can see today is been standing there for a while. Each time I go here there is a special atmosphere around the place, a place to visit if you want to forget about the noise and the crowds for a couple of minutes.

  • 8699313816 740aa89f31 z

    Around Akasaka Station

    Close to the much more busy Roppongi, Akasaka station is full of all kinds of restaurants, shops and hotels. Is a nice place to spend a Sunday doing nothing, eat great food and relax in one of its many parks. Also there are a couple of small shrines that are worth the visit if you like that.

  • 19750543202 6c8f3470ed z

    Meiji Dori

    Meiji Dori is a huge avenue that connects several of the main neighborhoods of Tokyo. You might think that is not really interesting to walk across a street filled with cars and stores, and I would agree. Still I find the alleys and secondary streets along Meiji Dori really interesting and worth visiting

  • 34005006826 ff100f1f78 z

    Jingu Gaien

    A very popular destination thanks to its famous "Ginkgo Avenue" Jingu Gaien is a very nice place to spend a Sunday morning walking around the yellow colored trees or visiting museums. Also if you like sports this is the place to be. There are all kinds of facilities that can be rented, a lot of stadiums where you can watch games and if you are lucky you can catch one of the festivals that sometimes are organized around there.

  • 34045704935 385226ea10 z

    Lost in Setagaya

    Keeping the track of where you are might be a challenge once you start wandering around Setagaya. The endless streets filled with all kinds of neighborhoods, parks, temples and stores are constantly changed. Is not rare to find yourself lost in the middle of this labyrinth, and maybe just because of that is so fun

  • 34045704525 420fb17e69 z

    Around Kitazawa

    Imagine yourself lost in the middle of a endless neighborhood, with hundreds of small road, path and alleys with no apparent order. Welcome to Kitazawa. Still if you know where to look there are always places worth to be visited.

  • 30020737824 6986a2eb8a z

    Around Asakusa

    Asakusa was once the busiest place in Tokyo. The once famous Asakusa rokku was full theaters, cinemas, and all kind of shows. All that came to an end after WWII. The bombing and the fires destroyed mostly everything. Asakusa was rebuilt but all the lights and theaters are gone. Still if you go there and walk a little you still cant catch a glimpse of what once was.

  • 11980931413 d414cbaa0b z

    Shinjuku Underground

    There is a massive underground section under Shinjuku. Practically you can cross this part of the city with no necessity to step outside. This is really convenient for those days of the rainy season. But that doesn't mean you can't do basically the same thing as above. There are plenty of supermarkets, restaurant and stores, even art galleries

  • 29640973892 bd4c409851 z

    Around Shinbashi Station

    Shibashi is one of the older train stations in Tokyo. Is a mayor commutation hub that can get really crowded at rush hours. But walking along the bridge, surrounded by the smell of Ramen noodles or Yakitori, and having a beer or two in a small Izakaya is one of those experiences that allows you to catch a glimpse of the real flavor of Tokyo.

  • 20028585172 19382eedce z

    Around Ochanomizu Station

    Well known among the train lovers, the particular layout of the train tracks in this area makes of this station a particular spot for photographers trying to capture as many trains as possible in a single frame. But around the station there are many interesting places waiting to be discovered.

  • 11980601265 ff088d513a z


    Originally designed to lead visitors to Meiji Jingū, today's Omotesandō is a mixture of extravagant buildings, expensive shops and long lines of people waiting to get inside in some of the trendiest restaurants in Tokyo. A nice place to visit either if you want to do some shopping or just spend some time delighting a cappuccino.

  • 22709280167 afb68b9f86 z

    Center Gai

    Guarded by giants neon panels, Center Gai is a narrow street lading from the station to all sorts of entertainment centers. Wandering around the narrow alleys is an experience that everyone should experience at least once.

  • 9597749583 ce81d9f842 z

    Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine

    Walking around Shibuya and finding a small lonely shrine is not something that happens every day. But Hachimagu shrine has been there since 1092, and it might hold a key role on why Shibuya area is known as Shibuya.

  • 25396995411 21510fa364 z


    Ōkubo and Shin-Ōkubo are located at the north of Shinjuku. Usually known as 'Korea Town' there is always some interesting going on here

  • 8695096175 750cdacd8e z

    Hie Shrine

    You don't need to travel all the way to Kyoto to live the experience of walking a path roofed by Japanese gates. Hie Shrine, one of the most urban shrines in Tokyo, is the place to go if you want to take a break from the noise of the city.

  • 33660815450 3f53c7229c z

    Togo Shrine

    Tōgō shrine is located really close to the usually crowded Takeshita street. If I have to cross from Harajuku station to Meiji street I prefer to take a detour and enjoy a few minutes of peace walking across this shrine. And of course take a couple of pictures.

  • 12897620304 128625f037 z

    Shinjuku Gyoen

    Shinjuku is not all about hordes of people rushing, traffic jams and tall buildings dressed with neon. There is an oasis from all that noise called Shinjuku Gyoen.

  • 34278420462 75cd26ceee z

    Sumida River

    Getting in to a boat and going for a ride along the Sumida river is one of the most popular attractions for tourists visiting Tokyo... and for a reason.

  • 25000670543 8b6eb0fd71 z


    Oldest temple in Tokyo and one of the biggest in this Town, Sensō-ji attracts tourist from all around the world. Usually is quite crowded, but if you have the chance to visit it after dark you might find a much more interesting atmosphere.

  • 13499907383 104f2fff27 z


    Usually ignored by most of the travel guides and hidden in the middle of a middle class residential neighborhood lies one of the most beautiful Temples I have seen in Tokyo.

  • 16491222928 d85cc135f0 z

    Meiji Jingū

    A forest in the middle of the city. A temple hidden in the forest. That is the magic of Meiji Jingū. Hidden in plain sight, and surrounded by the haste and the noises of the metropolis, this place is a source of peace and silence.

  • 18939910334 16fbfe0076 z

    Around Shinjuku Station

    The town of the 'Salaryman', Shinjuku's streets came to life after the offices lights are turned off and legions of thirsty Japanese business men loos their neckties while they order the first bottle of sake.

  • 19927631716 a7dc2a45c6 z

    Around Shimokitazawa Station

    Even now, in the middle of a huge renovation process, the original Shimokitazawa remain standing and proud. There are still original cafeterias where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening and old Lp of a long ago forgotten singer.

  • 19571188449 f7ffe84126 z

    Around Shibuya Station

    Always in movement, under the shadow of neon trees Shibuya lays naked under the feed of thousand of people crossing the streets each time the street light changes its color. But still, even among the crowded streets of this part of the city there are some hidden spots waiting to be rediscovered.