This classic Japanese style garden is filled with water-worn stones of interesting shapes and colors, turtles and Koi fishes. A beautiful place if you are looking for a not so crowded garden to relax

Getting in to a boat and going for a ride along the Sumida river is one of the most popular attractions for tourists visiting Tokyo... and for a reason.

Close to the Emperor Palace, this little park was once part of Edo Castle. There are some gates and moats as a reminiscence of older times. Specially beautiful to visit during the Fall season, Kitanomaru park is a great place to spend some hours under the sun, visiting some museums or watching some martial arts at the Nippon Buddokan

A very popular destination thanks to its famous "Ginkgo Avenue" Jingu Gaien is a very nice place to spend a Sunday morning walking around the yellow colored trees or visiting museums. Also if you like sports this is the place to be. There are all kinds of facilities that can be rented, a lot of stadiums where you can watch games and if you are lucky you can catch one of the festivals that sometimes are organized around there.

Tōgō shrine is located really close to the usually crowded Takeshita street. If I have to cross from Harajuku station to Meiji street I prefer to take a detour and enjoy a few minutes of peace walking across this shrine. And of course take a couple of pictures.

Imagine yourself lost in the middle of a endless neighborhood, with hundreds of small road, path and alleys with no apparent order. Welcome to Kitazawa. Still if you know where to look there are always places worth to be visited.

Keeping the track of where you are might be a challenge once you start wandering around Setagaya. The endless streets filled with all kinds of neighborhoods, parks, temples and stores are constantly changed. Is not rare to find yourself lost in the middle of this labyrinth, and maybe just because of that is so fun

Yoyogi park is a huge park located close to Harajuku station. Usually quite busy on weekends this park can become a showcase of different people practicing all kinds of activities. From jugglers, to live performances, is definitely fun to browse. But if you are looking for a quiet place, Yoyogi park is big enough to enclose several hidden and beautiful places.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful of blooming cherry blossoms, but you want to avoid crowded places, Kenzawa Green Road might be the place you are looking for.

Asakusa was once the busiest place in Tokyo. The once famous Asakusa rokku was full theaters, cinemas, and all kind of shows. All that came to an end after WWII. The bombing and the fires destroyed mostly everything. Asakusa was rebuilt but all the lights and theaters are gone. Still if you go there and walk a little you still cant catch a glimpse of what once was.