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My name is Carlos, I write software and I love to take pictures.

A couple of years ago I decided to change the streets of my hometown in San Lorenzo for the crowded avenues of this metropolis called Tokyo. I have been loving this city since then.

There's so much beauty everywhere around here that I decided to build this site to share my visions of this city. I hope you will find them interesting.

Feel free to use any content on this site as you wish, and if you like the web here is the source code so you can build your own version (I hope you like Ruby).

New logo for the project

Published on 2013-11-07

It’s been a couple of week since Tokyo Project has a new logo.

I used 99designs.com thanks to a friend who recommended that service to me. I've heard lots of things about that site (good and bad), but as my personal experience goes I’m pretty much satisfied with the results. At the end there were so many good designs that was really difficult to pick the winner.

For that I setup an small a/b test using some add engines to see which logo was getting better response for the public, so If you saw any ad around there I’m sorry for the spam :)

As for Tokyo Project TODO list, mostly all the features I wanted for the site are already implemented, although there are some things that bothers me.

The main would be the speed. Currently I’m serving the pictures from Flickr, I have been using that service for years now and most of my pictures are already there, so I’m using Flickr’s API to display the pictures on the site.

The problem is that Flickr is not that fast, specially the latency is not so great, so if the images are taking a long time to load ごめんなさい。

I have no plans to include ads on the site, so I have to keep it as cheap as possible in order to make it feasible. Currently I’m only paying for the domain name, for the hosting I’m using Heroku (thanks a lot guys BTW) and Flickr since I’m already paying for that :)


So since there is little more to implement probably I will start taking more pictures to create areas and visions. Stay tuned ;)