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    Around Shinjuku Station

    The town of the 'Salaryman', Shinjuku's streets came to life after the offices lights are turned off and legions of thirsty Japanese business men loos their neckties while they order the first bottle of sake.

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    Shinjuku Gyoen

    Shinjuku is not all about hordes of people rushing, traffic jams and tall buildings dressed with neon. There is an oasis from all that noise called Shinjuku Gyoen.

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    Ōkubo and Shin-Ōkubo are located at the north of Shinjuku. Usually known as 'Korea Town' there is always some interesting going on here

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    Shinjuku Underground

    There is a massive underground section under Shinjuku. Practically you can cross this part of the city with no necessity to step outside. This is really convenient for those days of the rainy season. But that doesn't mean you can't do basically the same thing as above. There are plenty of supermarkets, restaurant and stores, even art galleries