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    Around Shibuya Station

    Always in movement, under the shadow of neon trees Shibuya lays naked under the feed of thousand of people crossing the streets each time the street light changes its color. But still, even among the crowded streets of this part of the city there are some hidden spots waiting to be rediscovered.

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    Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine

    Walking around Shibuya and finding a small lonely shrine is not something that happens every day. But Hachimagu shrine has been there since 1092, and it might hold a key role on why Shibuya area is known as Shibuya.

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    Center Gai

    Guarded by giants neon panels, Center Gai is a narrow street lading from the station to all sorts of entertainment centers. Wandering around the narrow alleys is an experience that everyone should experience at least once.

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    Shibuya Hikawa Shrine

    This little shrine is an example of how fascinating Tokyo can be. I was walking around Takeshita Dori and I saw a lot of people dressing with yukata. There was a festival going on there. And when I came close I was delightfully surprised to see what I found.