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    There is something about shitamachi areas that attracts me. Probably because there is something different floating in the air. Fukagawa is one of those special locations full of beautiful places waiting to be discovered.

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    Popular by it fish market, Tsukiji's is a vivid neighbourhood, full of interesting spots to visit and wonderful places for eating some of the most popular Japanese dishes

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    Known by all Ghibli studio fans, Mitaka is a small city on the outskirts of west Tokyo. Is home of the Ghibli Museum, Inokashira park and lots of other interesting spots.

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    Iidabashi is a big station from the JR line and is famous for being a really lively shopping district. Browsing some shops, eat some treats or going for a walk around are just some of the options available around here.

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    Sometimes, Tokyo feels too crowded. There seem to be people everywhere. That's why I might like to get lost around Chiyoda, one of the least populated areas in the City filled with amazing places to visit.

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    Unknown by most tourists visiting Tokyo, this beautiful neighbourhood holds one of the most beautiful temples within the city

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    This beautiful suburb in Tokyo might be a little bit far away but definitely is worth the visit.

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    Home for the celebrities and officially the "party place" in Tokyo, Roppongi is usually the place to go to have fun and get wasted. But there is much more hidden around

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    Yoyogi is a quiet and beautiful neighborhood, filled with parks, small shrines and temples and great places to go for a coffee or a couple of drinks. If you want to take a rest of the never-ending crowds of Tokyo this might be good place.

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    I used to think about Shinagawa as a dull place only known by its huge station and some government offices. I was gladly surprised to find much more than gray buildings around there

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    Hosting one of the most famous Awa Odori festivals, Kōenji is the right place for a walk if you want to go for some shopping, eat in one of the dozens of great izakayas around or get lost in one of its multiple parks

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    Kagurazaka is a small but sophisticated neighborhood full of nice cafes and really good restaurants.

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    Also known as the Mecca for Otakus and Geeks, Akihabara is THE place to visit if you want to know first hand the geekest side of Japanese culture

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    Once part of the so called "Shitamachi" Kameido is an old town, full of forgotten temples, small izakayas and rich in untold tales

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    Probably the most exclusive part of Tokyo and one of the most expensive places in the world Ginza is considered the showcase of Tokyo.

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    Probably one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Tokyo, Marunouchi holds landmarks such as the Tokyo Station, the Imperial Palace and three of the biggest banks in Japan. Also, if you ask me, this is the "less japanese" area in Tokyo. Each time I walk

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    Akasaka's origins trace back the 17th century where this area was the residence of those who were close to the Shogunate due the proximity of Edo Castle. The time has passed but this is still a very exclusive neighborhood filled with little secrets.

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    Once filled with temples, shrines and samurai houses, Aoyama is currently a popular place for shopping and have fun once the daily work is done. But Aoyama is not only about fashion stores and bars, there are lots of interesting places to discover

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    Not exactly a place where you will see a lot of tourist around, Setagaya is a huge city within Tokyo full of small and beautiful neighborhoods. Surrounded by houses is really easy to get lost around here. Still if you know your way around is possible to f

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    Shibashi, could be translated as "New bridge" and I would say that that name is quite suitable. Half way between the luxury Ginza and the grounds around the Imperial Palace, Shibashi is a mixture of office buildings, cheap restaurants, train stations ever

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    Tea water, that would be the translation for the name of this neighborhood. Ochanomizu is well known by the amount of universities and music instrument stores, so watching students relaxing along the Kanda river side or a street musician playing on a park

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    Nagatachō is not a place you will see often on the travel guides. In part because other than government and company buildings there is not much to see around here. But there are few worthy exceptions

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    Those who call Sumida a dull place might be right, or maybe they haven't found yet the right spot to enjoy. There are great views to enjoy here, and spots like the Tokyo Sky Tree or the National Sumo Stadium are waiting for the visitor.

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    Birthplace of some of the most extravagant fashion trends and urban tribes, Harajuku is a place for the youngest and wildest. But if you like to take it easy there are also nice spots where you can relax.

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    Today Asakusa is known as one of the most traditional districts in Tokyo due to the amount of temples it holds. However this district was once the biggest entertainment district in Tokyo.

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    Known by its exclusive residential neighborhoods and its fine restaurants, Meguro has a undeserved reputation as a boring and elitist place. For me there are lots of interesting places waiting to be visited here.

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    Even now, in the middle of a huge renovation process, the original Shimokitazawa remain standing and proud. There are still original cafeterias where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening and old Lp of a long ago forgotten singer.

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    Always in movement, under the shadow of neon trees Shibuya lays naked under the feed of thousand of people crossing the streets each time the street light changes its color. But still, even among the crowded streets of this part of the city there are some

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    The town of the 'Salaryman', Shinjuku's streets came to life after the offices lights are turned off and legions of thirsty Japanese business men loos their neckties while they order the first bottle of sake.