Visions of Tokyo. A lonely alley, a crowded street, a field full of cherry blossoms, there is magic on every corner of this city.

  • Kabuki-za

    This building seems to have quite bad luck. It has been built, destroyed and rebuilt several times through the history. Current version (who knows how long will last) is a very interesting mixture of traditional and modern Japanese architecture. I like the illumination of the main facade, especially on rainy days where you can see the lights reflecting in the rain.

  • Around Ginza Station

    Ginza is full luxury, gluttony and lust. But if you are not in those luxury stores, or expensive restaurants, there are still places to enjoy around here.

  • Around Gotokuji Station

    Gotokuji is a beautiful residential neighborhood located within Setagaya ward. Famous for holding one of the many Maneki Neko (lucky cat) temples, is a great place to explore. There are lots of great restaurants, temples and stores around that are worth the visit.