Discover the path less traveled around Tokyo and Japan

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    Togo Shrine

    Tōgō shrine is located really close to the usually crowded Takeshita street. If I have to cross from Harajuku station to Meiji street I prefer to take a detour and enjoy a few minutes of peace walking across this shrine. And of course take a couple of pictures.

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    Around Kitazawa

    Imagine yourself lost in the middle of a endless neighborhood, with hundreds of small road, path and alleys with no apparent order. Welcome to Kitazawa. Still if you know where to look there are always places worth to be visited.

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    Lost in Setagaya

    Keeping the track of where you are might be a challenge once you start wandering around Setagaya. The endless streets filled with all kinds of neighborhoods, parks, temples and stores are constantly changed. Is not rare to find yourself lost in the middle of this labyrinth, and maybe just because of that is so fun