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Visions of Tokyo. A lonely alley, a crowded street, a field full of cherry blossoms, there is magic on every corner of this city.

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    Around Asakusa

    Asakusa was once the busiest place in Tokyo. The once famous Asakusa rokku was full theaters, cinemas, and all kind of shows. All that came to an end after WWII. The bombing and the fires destroyed mostly everything. Asakusa was rebuilt but all the lights and theaters are gone. Still if you go there and walk a little you still cant catch a glimpse of what once was.

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    Akihabara Electric Town

    One of the biggest shopping centers for electronics goods, Manga, Anime and all kind of fetish paraphernalia, Akihabara is a place to walk with your eyes wide open and enjoy the show that is almost constantly going on. A great place to forget reality for a while and enjoy all kinds of entertainment. Whether you decide to spend your coins in a retro arcade or in a Maid cafe is your choice.

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    Nakagin Capsule Tower

    Designed by the architect Kisho Kurokawa this building is one of the few remaining examples of the Japanese Metabolism movement. Surrounded by an elevated highway and several buildings is easy to miss this particular tower with resemblances to something came out of a science fiction book